HIVERO Co., Ltd. developes various new products through continuous research
and development and we will make our best efforts to provide our products
with the highest quality at reasonable prices.


2015 ~ 2017

Released D/Z Fuse holder   Mar. 2017

Released Assembly terminal block   Mar. 2017

Released Fixed terminal block   Mar. 2017

Changed company name (HIVERO Co., Ltd)   Dec. 2016

Factory relocation (Saebeol-ro 14, Incheon)   Dec. 2016

Rubber mount for anti-vibration (For indoor)   July. 2016

Developed and produced BMC Support for Hynix   May. 2016

Development and production of 2nd Connector 4P   Apr.2016

Released Voltage detector (VD)   Oct.2015

Released 5Y P-COVER Support   Sep.2015

Released 65mm BMC connector   Apr.2015


Released Connector shutter   Nov. 2013

Released Card name holder / pin   Sep. 2013

Released P-cover handle   Sep. 2013

Released Busbar mainline   Aug. 2013

Released Earth busbar   Aug. 2013

Released Copperplate flexible connector   Aug. 2013

Released Flexible conductor   Aug. 2013

Released Locker switch box   Aug. 2013

Released Surge protector for AC power   Aug. 2013

Released MCCB 2nd connector   Aug. 2013

Industrial Cooperation Agreement with Inha University    July. 2013

Released AC FAN SERIES   June. 2013

Registered as a Business Venture   Mar. 2013

1995 ~ 2009

Released Thermostats   Aug. 2009

Released ELB support   Apr. 2009

Released P-cover support   Nov. 2008

Awarded by SMEs (CEO)   Oct. 2008

Released Support board for distribution board   June. 2008

Released Ceiling light and Busbar support fixture   June. 2007

Awarded by MOCI (CEO)    May. 2007

Established Seongho Electric Co., Ltd.   Apr. 2007

Presidential Quality Master Award (CEO)   Nov. 1995

2018 ~ Current

Jan. 2019   Designated as a Human Resources Development Enterprise

Dec. 2018   Designated as a Promising Export Enterprise

Nov. 2018   Acquired Innobiz Certification 

Nov. 2018   Designated as Military Service Exemption Company

Nov. 2018   Received SMEs Award

Oct. 2018   Designated as a Promising Enterprise of Incheon city

Oct. 2018   Designated as a Roots Expert Enterprise

Oct. 2018   Released Cam switch

July. 2018   Released HC control switch

June. 2018   Released LED ceiling light

June. 2018   Released Micro switch

May. 2018   Released Socket

May. 2018   Released Relay


Apr. 2014   Released Door ground

Apr. 2014  Released LED ceiling light

Feb. 2014   Released Surge protective device

Jan. 2014   Released Acrylic nameplate (25Ø / 30Ø)

Jan. 2014  Released P-cover support (Magnet type)

2010 ~ 2012

Oct. 2012   Released Wire protection cover

June. 2012   Designated as a Specialized Company for Parts and Materials

June. 2012   Released HOOK BAND

May. 2012   Released PVC DUCT

Jan. 2012   Utility Model for OP handle of Circuit breaker (20-0458159)

Jan. 2012   Utility Model for Handle of Circuit breaker (20-0458158)

Nov. 2011   Utility Model for Handle of Circuit breaker (20-045679)

Oct. 2011   Released Space heater

Aug. 2010   Moved factory (437 Cheongcheon-dong, Incheon)

Apr. 2010   Released OP handle and MCCB 1st connector